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This weekly Islamic Studies class will focus on the pillars of Islamic beliefs. In addition, we will be studying Ahkaam (jurisprudence), Akhlaq (Islamic ethics), Qur’an, and Tajweed (proper recitation). The class will include both lecture and interactive elements. Participants will also have opportunities to take part in projects, productions, and community-focused events.

The class will be exclusively in English, and is mainly geared towards participants who are college-aged and older. (Although high school students interested in the class are welcome.)

The first session will be held, in conjunction with Iftar, on Wednesday, June 7th, 2017, and will take place every Wednesday night, from 8pm to 10pm EST.

The class convene in-person for those local to the Washington, DC-Metro area. We will also be broadcasting the class online for participants in other regions.


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